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Why Do I Have Back Pain? Is It Caused by a Pinched Nerve or Degenerated Disc?

Sometimes back pain is caused by an issue with disks in your spine, the source of the pain can either be via a nerve being irritated or from the disc itself.

Pinched nerve pain

When a spinal disc causes compression, irritation, or inflammation of a nearby nerve root, it’s not the disc that is hurting and causing your symptoms—its due to the nerve becoming irritable because of the intrusion by the disc. Pain from a pinched nerve root in your lower back can radiate along the path of the nerve down your leg and into your foot. This is called Sciatica or referred to as sciatic pain. This can develop neurological problems, such as numbness, weakness, tingling, and/or a pins-and-needles.

Pinched nerves can be caused by: Herniated discs, Spinal stenosis and Bone spurs that occur as a result of osteoarthritis.

Degenerated disc pain

If the source of your back pain is the intervertebral disc, it is called discogenic back pain. This is due to a spinal disc becoming degenerative due to wear and tear or caused by trauma.

When symptoms develop our bodies try and attempt to counteract the inflammation, instability, and pain. This can result in muscles spasms, which can cause sharp, shooting pain that can worsen your back pain.

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